Our CEV Intensive Inspection provides input data and computer generated output, which is used in line assessment models, predictive maintenance models for transmission line information management systems.  It allows management, operations and engineering to plan and respond to Condition-Based or Predictive-Based Maintenance requirement programs, insuring transmission system reliability.

Typical findings include loose, missing or worn hardware; broken or contaminated insulators; misalignment of components; loose or damaged spacers; broken or worn conductors and OHGW.  The data is then used to develop predictive modeling and line assessment information management systems.  This information is then applied to condition-based and predictive-based maintenance to insure transmission system reliability.  Once the data has been categorized and computer printed, both short and long term analysis and response can be addressed for maintenance projects.  It is the key element for any Condition Based Maintenance programs and Predictive information management systems.

Key Benefits
  •   The most comprehensive information from single inspection.

  •   Ability to determine line trend analysis from available data.

  •   Immediate apparent maintenance requirement needs for line   inspected.

  •   Most cost effective for data obtained.

  •   Sleeve / Splice Testing

  •   ACSR

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