World Renowned:

  • Fastest

  • Most Cost Effective 

  • Highest Quality 

  • Attempted but never duplicated

  • Patented

This System is equipped for Bare Hand Environment and
is operated by fully Trained and Certified Personnel

USA Airmobile's Ins-A-Wash ® is the fastest, most efficient and most effective insulator washing system in the world.  The combination of extremely high pressure, accuracy and water volume results in a superior quality of insulator washing.  Add to this speed, mobility and the safety of one of the finest helicopters in the world and you have a winning combination. 

The Ins-A-Wash system has been successfully used around the world with superior results and unmatched effectiveness.  Whatever the terrain or environment, the Ins-A-Wash system can be used on energized or de-energized lines and is conducted as a Live-Line/Bare-Hand operation.

Production can typically be expected to range:

Insulators washed per hour:
  • 75-85 strings for 115kV
  • 55-75 strings for 230kV
  • 35-55 strings for 500kV  
Technology is available as :
  • Contract services
  • Business Venture opportunity
  • Equipment purchase & personnel training

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